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Small lessons translate into huge results

Did you know marketing dashboards use the very same mind tricks as casino games to manipulate users? On the Dream. Think. Do. podcast, Mitch Matthews and I discuss how data leads companies to make assumptions that aren’t supported by reality, and how the lessons learned working in a small-town bike shop can apply to bigger… Continue reading

How we got into (and out of) the Clicksand trap

Rex Elliott is co-founder and partner at Cooper & Elliott, a law firm in Columbus, Ohio. He tells us about his journey to understand how online and digital marketing isn’t a one-size-fits all solution for every business. He shares the lessons he learned and the frustrations he and his firm experienced on the path to… Continue reading

Is your company a slave to the marketing process?

I’m really excited about how awareness is growing about the dangers and hypocrisy in online marketing, and I love it when I’m on a podcast and the host has stories of their own to share on the topic!  I had a great time exploring how business owners can avoid the pitfalls and get out of… Continue reading

Are you missing the signs of interest from potential clients?

“Dude, she is so into you.” “What? No way. Really?” “Yes, it’s so obvious.  Look at the way she’s looking at you!” It’s a standard scene from many a Hollywood TV show or movie: the clueless guy who doesn’t recognize the signs that the cute girl across the room is attracted to him.  Luckily, in… Continue reading

Who says a click is a good thing?

The click. It’s the basic building block of online marketing: clicking on ads, clicking to open an email, clicking on an article to read more, etc. Businesses that use online marketing often pour huge amounts of energy and creativity into getting people to click. But who says that getting a click is a good thing?… Continue reading

How fallible is data?

B2B Growth

It’s one of the things that online marketing pitchmen hold up as the example of how their approach is better than other marketing techniques.  But did you know that data can lead you to the wrong conclusions as easily as it can send you down the right path?  I had a great time digging into… Continue reading

Dangers for franchisees

Franchise owners are often susceptible to the stories spun by online marketing pitchmen.  They have their nest egg on the line and they are often entering an industry they have little or no previous experience in.  This makes them want to believe in an approach that seems so simple and plausible.  Unfortunately, all too often,… Continue reading