Get ready for a fast-paced entertaining session when Bill Troy is a guest on your show. Not only does he have a fresh perspective that will fascinate your audience, Bill brings a lively and engaging personal style to every interview.


  • Broken Trust – How online marketers purposely mislead and take advantage of the unsuspecting businesses who trust them.
  • Data Dangers – “Data-driven” is touted as a universal panacea in marketing these days, but it can drive a business off a cliff.
  • Do What I Sell, Not What I Do – The proof that online marketers know online marketing doesn’t work: they don’t use it to sell.
  • How Online Marketing Can Kill a Business – 5 ways that an ill-advised online marketing program can ruin a business.
  • What They Don’t Tell You – Online marketing tools can be beneficial if you don’t listen to the pitchmen. Learn how to use them in ways that help your business instead of theirs.
  • Effectiveness Over Efficiency – How to systematically build and nurture real relationships instead of destroying them.