You’ve seen presentation after presentation by pitchmen who breathlessly tout online marketing as the answer to every business sales and marketing challenge.

Now, get the truth.

It’s Not Luck: The 7 Steps to Building Critical Business Relationships

  • Are real human relationships an outdated, old-fashioned idea in today’s technology-driven marketing world?  Join us to learn how human connections are more important than ever before—and get the recipe for building and nurturing them with a consistent, predictable business process.

Avoiding the Clicksand Trap

  • In this eye-opening keynote speech, Bill covers all the main themes from the book: the 3 Ps recipe that online marketing pitchmen use to sell their snake oil, the societal factors that are magnifying their success and how businesses that are caught in the trap can escape and get back to what really works.

Lighter, Entertaining Topics

  • The History of Irritation – From catalogs in the 1800s that were used as toilet paper to today’s deluge of unwanted emails, Bill traces how intrusive messages have followed every advance in public communications infrastructure—and he looks at what might be coming next.
  • It’s Chicago’s Fault – A light-hearted historical look at how two of the scourges of modern marketing (unwanted messages and misleading claims) began independently 125 years ago in Chicago.