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Companies don’t buy from you; people do.

The problem with selling to companies? Companies don’t buy anything; people do. The founder of The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, and I talk about how common it is for businesses to forget that a person who bought from them at Company A might move to Company B and could potentially buy from them again in… Continue reading

They were shocked that someone actually called…

I’m sure you can tell from your in-box that one of the latest tricks marketing pitchmen are convincing business owners to use is the “faux personal” email. As more and more people see the online marketing pitchmen for what they really are, the wolves are attempting to hide by putting on sheep’s clothing. The “faux… Continue reading

Clicks? Activity? Okay. But where’s the business?

I continually run into companies that are tool-driven rather than customer-inspired. They’re so enamored with the idea of the latest social or marketing gimmick, that they change their business to fit that tool. Geoff Nicholson and I talk about how online tools can get in the way of building an online empire. Here’s a preview:… Continue reading

Are you viewing potential clients as adversaries?

The anonymity inherent in the online marketing mindset causes salespeople to think of potential clients in an adversarial way. Too many business owners are focusing solely on how they can lure or trick people into visiting their websites with keywords and newsletters. On the Accelerate! Podcast, Andy Paul and I talked about how this behavior… Continue reading

Why your marketing dashboard could be misleading you

The people who designed online marketing dashboards did so knowing full well that data is addictive. They hook you with metrics and numbers and then use that fascination to distract you from what’s really going on with your business—they redirect your focus from sales and progress to activity. Stephen Woessner and I hashed it out… Continue reading

The marketing industrial complex

On his last day in office in 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower made a speech in which he warned the nation about the rising influence of what he called the “military-industrial complex.” As America’s top general in World War II and then as president, Eisenhower had seen firsthand how U.S. industrial manufacturing firms had turned our… Continue reading