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Even more ways business relationships are like playing golf

When I was younger, I dreamed of being Douglas Adams, writer of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He is one of the most innovative and entertaining storytellers I’ve ever read and I relished his sense of humor. One of my all-time favorite Adams lines was from his 1992 book Mostly Harmless. It was the… Continue reading

3 more ways business relationships are like playing golf

In my previous article, I talked about how the many organic variables involved in playing golf make it a lot like trying to navigate business relationships. The article struck a chord with many readers and I heard from several avid golfers who suggested more ways in which the two are similar. So it’s time for… Continue reading

3 ways building business relationships can be like playing golf

With the warm weather of summer, a lot of business owners find time (or would love to find time) to hit the golf course. Golf season always reminds me of a great analogy I heard from Frank Agin, owner of the business networking company AmSpirit. Frank explains that building and nurturing business relationships is a… Continue reading

A pivotal moment: how Clicksand began

In a conversation with Christopher Cumby and Allan Wich, the hosts of Think Bold, Be Bold, I reveal the “Emperor has no clothes” moment that sparked the genesis of the Clicksand concept. It was this tipping point that evolved into a campaign to help business owners escape from Clicksand and have the confidence to stand… Continue reading

Companies don’t buy from you; people do.

The problem with selling to companies? Companies don’t buy anything; people do. The founder of The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, and I talk about how common it is for businesses to forget that a person who bought from them at Company A might move to Company B and could potentially buy from them again in… Continue reading

They were shocked that someone actually called…

I’m sure you can tell from your in-box that one of the latest tricks marketing pitchmen are convincing business owners to use is the “faux personal” email. As more and more people see the online marketing pitchmen for what they really are, the wolves are attempting to hide by putting on sheep’s clothing. The “faux… Continue reading

Clicks? Activity? Okay. But where’s the business?

I continually run into companies that are tool-driven rather than customer-inspired. They’re so enamored with the idea of the latest social or marketing gimmick, that they change their business to fit that tool. Geoff Nicholson and I talk about how online tools can get in the way of building an online empire. Here’s a preview:… Continue reading

Are you viewing potential clients as adversaries?

The anonymity inherent in the online marketing mindset causes salespeople to think of potential clients in an adversarial way. Too many business owners are focusing solely on how they can lure or trick people into visiting their websites with keywords and newsletters. On the Accelerate! Podcast, Andy Paul and I talked about how this behavior… Continue reading